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Perfect Keylogger, as its name suggests, is the best keystroke logging and application monitoring software in the world. Perefect Logger Lite is the ONLY free monitoring software for Mac OS X (The Windows version has been discontinued officially, but you can still downloaded from Internet). No spyware, no annoying ads, no hidden fees. With it, you can record keystrokes, monitor applications, capture screenshots, Record Safari history, and more for totally free.

Free Download Perfect Keylogger for Mac Free Download Perfect Keylogger

Why Choose BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Free Version

Perfect Keylogger feature
Record Keystrokes Typed in Any Application
Perfect Keylogger Lite monitors every keystroke whatever your kids or employees are surfing, shopping, playing game, or talking with IM. Note that only the Full version can record typed passwords.
Perfect Keylogger feature
Track Visited Websites in Safari
are they playing games? are they visiting shopping sites in work time? Discover the truth by keeping track of what websites your kids or employees are visiting. As long as they use Safari, all visited websites and typed characters will be saved.
Perfect Keylogger feature
Record Chats in All Popular IM Application
This free keylogger for Mac supports all popular instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, iChat, etc. Both ways of chats can be recorded for your reference.
Perfect Keylogger feature
Capture Screenshots and Play Screenshot Slideshow
You are able to capture a bundle of screenshots and it's easy to watch them later by using the slideshow feature. You can specify the recording interval and retention situation. By setting up target keywords, you can accerate capturing screenshots of windows with the specified keywords included in the title.
Perfect Keylogger feature
Built-in Log Viewer
BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite comes with a log viewer so you can easily view recorded keystrokes, chats, screenshots, and websites.

This article will show you how to install and use Perfect Keylogger Lite to record keystrokes, visited websites and screenshots on your Mac.

Important: Perfect Keylogger requires an administrator password to install. Also, it's not signed with Apple's certificate, so you may need to disable GateKeeper to install it.

Step 1: Download and install Perfect Keylogger

Unzip the file and copy the PKL application file into any folder where you'd like to install it, then open it. It's not recomendeded to install the application to the Applications folder. We recommend any folder inside your user account.

Step 2: Configure it for your demands

The option window will open as below:

free keylogger for mac

Click the red Close button, and you'll see the screen below with several options:

  • 1. Pause recording: Make the application stop working until you access a keylogger next time (using Control+Option+K by default).
  • 2. Quit application: Exit the application completely.
  • 3. Uninstall keylogger: Follow the on-screen instructions to remove Keylogger from your system.

Click the "Hide and start monitoring" button to make the application run in the background.

Step 3: View Log Files and Screenshots

Press hotkey combo Control+Option+K to show the application. In the General tab, click "View the log" button to review anything the recorded keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots.

free keylogger for mac

Download the Detailed User Guide (PDF) Here

Perfect Keylogger Lite Version Screenshots

Perfect Keylogger General options
General Options
Perfect Keylogger Screenshot options
Screenshot Options
Perfect Keylogger Log Viewer
Log Viewer

Perfect Keylogger Full Version Screenshots

Perfect Keylogger General options
General Options
Perfect Keylogger Email options
Email Options
Perfect Keylogger Screenshot options
Screenshot Recording
Perfect Keylogger Log Viewer
Log Viewer
Perfect Keylogger Website Blocker
Website Blocker
Perfect Keylogger Show Screenshot
Show Screenshot
Perfect Keylogger Keyword Monitoring
Keyword Monitoring
Perfect Keylogger Password Recording
Password Recording

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Free System Requirements

Platforms Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x
(Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion)
Windows 2000 or later, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. Windows 8 compatible.
CPU Intel 1Ghz or equivalent
Memory At least 128M
Free disk space At least 500M
Free Download Perfect Keylogger for Mac Free Download Perfect Keylogger

Note: The Windows version of Perfect Keylogger has been discontinued and not updated for a long time. It may be detected as Spyware. Please close your security software before download Perfect Keylogger. Also, the latest version is only available to download after purchase. Learn more >>

Perfect Keylogger FAQs

Q: Can I install Perfect Keylogger on somebody else's computer?
A: Yes, you may install Perfect Keylogger on a computer that you own. The software can't be installed if you do not have an administrative password.

Q: Does Perfect Keylogger slow down my computer?

A: No. Perfect Keylogger won't slow down your computer while it is monitoring.

Q: Will my security software block Perfect Keylogger?

A: The security software installed on your computer might conflict with or block Perfect Keylogger. We highly recommend that you add Perfect Keylogger to the exception list of your security software.

Q: What's the Differences between Perfect Keylogger Lite and Full versions?
A: Perfect Keylogger Lite is freeware but has some limitations. Perfect Keylogger Full includes everything in Perfect Keylogger and more advanced features. See the details below.

Features Lite Version Full Version
Keystrokes Recording Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Application Monitoring Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Automated installation and automated traces removal Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Password recording Passwords are not recorded Perfect Keylogger
Automated copying of all logs to an external drive Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Retina display support Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Record all Mac users in multi-user environment, including guest account Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Record both ways of chats in all popular instant messaging software Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Record all web addresses/Titles visited in all popular web browsers) Safari only All web browsers
Website blocking, based on simple black lists Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Screenshot recording (with selective recording of applications you need) Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Snapshot recording with iSight camera Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Slideshow playback Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Keystroke and screenshot recording in Windows applications (when using virtualization) Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Custom location of the log files Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Invisibly Email log files you Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
be notified by Email immediately after an alert keyword is typed Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
View emailed log files on a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android. Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
upload keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots to your website or another computer via FTP. Perfect Keylogger Lite Perfect Keylogger
Simple built-in Log Viewer to view log files Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger
Mac OS X Requirement 10.6 and later 10.4 and later
Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Norwegian Only English, Spanish, German, Portuguese Perfect Keylogger
Free technical support No technical support Perfect Keylogger
Free updates Updates are not guaranteed Perfect Keylogger
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Perefect Keylogger Mac:

Perefect Keylogger PC:


Perfect Keylogger Testimonial

I want to thank you for the the Perfect Keylogger for Mac. The installation was simple and it worked first time without any hassle. This works fantastically well compared to the others I've installed. - Samuel