There are always free software applications to suit your needs, no matter you want to record screenshots, speed up your computer, protect your computer from virus, or monitor your computer to keep your children safe. This page includes most popular free keylogger software you can find online. Try them to see which one is your favorite.

Download Free Keylogger Software

Free Keylogger Software Platform Description Download
Perfect Keylooger Lite Mac/PC The perfect free keylooger that works on both Mac and Windows.

Download for Mac

Download for PC

Spyrix Free Keylogger PC Monitor basic user activities on PC. Download
Refog Free Keylogger PC The free keylogger software created by the well-known Refog company. Download
KRyLack Ultimate Keylogger Free PC A free keylogger software that can easily log keystrokes, screenshot, web history and application activities.   Download
Actual Keylogger PC The real keylogger that logs all keystrokes. Download
Reveal Keylogger PC A keylogger free that is compatible with Windows 8. Download
IwantSoft Free Keylogger PC A lightweight keylogger and spy software for Windows.  Download

Which Free Keylogger is the Best?

There is no the best free keylogger to download. Just download the one that suits your needs perfectly. Every free keylogger has its advantages and disadvantages. No download, no conclusion. You should trush yourself.