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Want to know what your children or employees are doing on a remote computer? You need a computer monitoring software tool like SniperSpy. SniperSpy is the best keylogger and computer spy software that can record user activities like keystrokes, chats, websites, and lets you silently review everything in real time, like watching a TV! With SniperSpy, it has never been easier to see what your children are doing on Facebook, or monitor your employees on the company computer.

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Best Keylogger SniperSpy Key Features

SniperSpy feature
Record Every Keystorke Typed
Every keystrokes that are typed while someone is using the monitored Windows or Mac will be recorded and uploaded to your private control panel. These keystrokes will show you what your kids or employees are doing, from online posts to passwords to instant messages and searches.
SniperSpy feature
Actual and Live Screenshots
Display everything on the remote computer like a camera is installed, no matter you're in the next room or next continent. All active applications, web pages, conversations, and folders will be delivered invisibly to you in live time. You see what they see.
SniperSpy feature
Visited Websites and Executed Applications
Danger is all around on the Internet. Now find porn or naughty sites as soon as possible and make them stay away from your teenages. SniperSpy tracks visited website with a data/time stamp and allows you to maintain separate whitelist and blacklist of websites. Who and when an application is executed will be recorded, too.
SniperSpy feature
Full Chat Conversations
Worried about who your children or employees may be talking with? SniperSpy records 2 ways of the conversations of instant messengers like GTalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, iChat, MSN, Myspace, etc. and Facebook.
SniperSpy feature
Remotely Install, Uninstall and Other Controls
After installed SniperSpy, you don't need to access the computer locally. You can remotely access files, run applications, get system information, send alerts, and even uninstall SniperSpy. To install SniperSpy remotely, just send an email to the remote computer. Once it's opened, SniperSpy will be install without any signs.
SniperSpy feature
Monitor Anywhere, Anytime
Unlike others keylogger and monitoring software, SniperSpy allows you to view user activities via a SSL-secured control panel. You can access this private control panel with your password on any computer, mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or tablet device (iPad, or Galaxy Note) with a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

This article will show you how to install and use SniperSpy to record keystrokes and monitor your computer remotely.

Step 1: Order SniperSpy and register online account

After place an order, you'll instantly receive an email including your registration code and a link to download the module creator application. You need to create your username and password by registering.

Step 2: Create your module and install on the computer you want to monitor

Open the module creator link from the registration email and follow the on-screens instructions. After the module is generated, you'll install/deploy the software either remotely or locally.

customozing keylogger

The most common method to install/deploy SniperSpy is to email the attachment to your remote computer. You use the Outlook Express program or simply Gmail to send the created module to the remote computer.

Step 1: Create a New Message

Click the Create or Compose mail button and then choose your email From and To addresses.

send keylogger module

Step 2: Enter Email Contents

Type a subject and regular email text you think suitable. Note that to stay within our licensing agreement you're NOT allowed to monitor adults without notifying them that they are being monitored.

Step 3: Insert Attachment

Click "Attach" and navigate to and select the module file you've created. It'll be stored in the location you chose when you created your module. The module file is given by your when creating your own module.

Step 4: Click Send

When ready, click the Send button to send the email to the remote computer.

Step 5: Wait for Installation

After you have sent the email, there's nothing to do but wait until the remote user runs the program. After they have executed the module then it'll silently install and start uploading user activities so you can view online remotely.

Note that it's your responsibility to get the user to execute the attachment on your remote computer.

Tips: Make sure to click the "LOGOUT" link to tell the remote machine to go out of LIVE mode and start sending logs again. If you simply close your browser then your account will remain in LIVE mode and will not send logs until you re-login and then log back out. If your logs have stopped, 99% chances are the you just need to logout your account.

To install SniperSpy to your local (current) computer, the process is simple. You MUST first disable your anti-virus programs on the computer you plan to monitor. Then, open My Computer and locate the module you've created. Double-click the module to execute it. Nothing will appear on the screen as the software is installed. The user notification will appear on startup if you chose to alert the user when creating your module.

Step 3: Configure SniperSpy

You can change module settings from within the online control panel. Click the Configure SniperSpy link in the left menu. Then adjust your settings accordingly and click Save. The settings will be changed on your remote module at the next connection which is usually within six minutes if the PC is online.

configure keylogger

Step 4: View User Activities like Watching TV

When the software is setup successfully, you're able to login to your control panel to view results in real time.

SniperSpy Version Screenshots

SniperSpy Control Panel
Control Panel
SniperSpy Keystroke Logging
Keystroke Logging
SniperSpy  Live Screens
Live Screens
SniperSpy Website History
Website History
SniperSpy  Facebook Logs
Facebook Logs
SniperSpy Website Whitelist
Website Whitelist
SniperSpy Remotely Shutdown
Remotely Shutdown
SniperSpy Website History
Remotely Uninstall

SniperSpy System Requirements

Platforms Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000.
Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
Internet Connection A Standard Dial-up (56k) or High-Speed Internet* *High-Speed Recommended
CPU Intel 500Mhz above or AMD equivalent
Memory At least 128M
Free disk space At least 200M
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Note: No trial version available, but you can watch live demo provided by the company to see whether SniperSpy is whether you want or not.

Best Keylogger SniperSpy More Features

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Best Keylogger Testimonial

Thanks to SniperSpy, I have now peace of mind whenever I travel, wherever I go. My kids are always a phone call or e-mail away after I supervise their behavior on the Internet. It's a very useful tool to keep my kids on the right track. Keep up the good work. - Femington