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Keylogging, also known as keystroke logging, is the action of logging the keys pressed on a keyboard, typically in a hidden manner so the person who are monitored doesn't know their keystrokes are being tracked. The common purpose of keylogging is parental control, family member surveillance, and employee monitoring.

There are several methods to log keystrokes, including hardware-based, kernel-based, API-based, etc. The most easy and popular way is using a keylogger software tool. This site is all about FREE keylogger for Mac  and how to use them to track and monitor keystrokes or more as you want. All keylogger software applications are scanned before published. 100% secure, virus-free and no-spyware. Feel free to download free keyloggers on our Download Center now.

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Mac OS X Keylogger application
Perfect Keylogger - The First Invisible & Remote Keylogger Free Keylogger for Mac Free Keylogger for Windows
BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger, as its name suggests, is a perfect key logging application that is fully compatible with Mac OS X and Windows computers. Perfect Keylogger runs completely invisibly and logs activities more than you want. It comes with an intuitive interface and clear workflow that everyone can use it. Learn more >>
Free Keylogger for Windows
Spyrix Free Keylogger - Free Keylogger for Windows Free Keylogger for Windows
Spyrix Free Keylogger works only on Windows platform. It lets you monitor user activities for free. It can records keystrokes, capture screenshots and controls clipboard content. It's suitable for parents to make sure their children are safe on the Internet and only visit health sites. Learn more about Spyrix Free Keylogger now >>


Want to Record More with Professional Keyloggers?

Most free keylogger applications can do basic keystrokes logging. However, limitations exist. If you want a complete monitoring software application, you have to pay for the upgrade version. There are always Pro versions for your choice. You can use the free version without time limit if you don't want to upgrade. It's up to you.